Lyngen Havfiskesenter, Nord-Lenangen

At late September, we went to check out a new place that is open all year around, Lyngen Havfiskesenter. I was interested of this place as it is open all year around, and i can bring guests to do some deep sea fishing all year around from Lapland here in six hours car drive. Place is in North-Norway, not too far from city of Tromso

Lyngen Havfiskesenter’s website, only in Norwegian but will be updated soon: http://www.lyngenhavfiske.com

We stayed in this lovely place for three days, cabins are extremely well equipped, they offer place for six persons. Boats are very good, GPS/sonar in every boat, boats are big enough, some of them have also a small cabin. They are equipped with good 40-50hp 4-stroke engines.

Fishing was a bit poor, as it is always at autumn. Big fishes will get closer to shore at February, from that on the fishing just gets better and better until end of August. Cod, coalfish, sea-wolf, halibut, ocean perch…
That’s just the few to recommend!

Largest cod last summer weighted 25,5 kilo and biggest halibut was 55,5 kilo. Among that, several sea-wolfs of around 10 kilo were caught. Not to recommend uncounted number of coalfishes between 3-15 kilo.

Of course summer is the best time to fish, there is daylight 24hrs a day so it does not matter much when you go out. Winter is something else, you can get the cod or coalfish of your life, and it is really weird to see the sea open as the mountains have lots of snow.

Absolutely an experience of a lifetime!

I strongly recommend this place to everyone that has plans on going to North-Norway. Easiest way is to fly to Tromso, and ask for a car ride to Lyngen havfiskesenter.

Go and get your big ones! If you visit this place because you found info of it from this website, please mention it at location.

If you are in Lapland or planning to get there & you are interested about overnight deep sea fishing trip of your life – instead of ski’ ing or other cold snow activities – contact petri.peltonen@levi.fi .

Let’s go fishing!