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Welcome to our fishing clubs website about sea fishing in Norway. We have gathered basic information about this nice hobby here, we hope you find these pages interesting.

We have been fishing for 5 years now in Norway, at least once in a year, and as it has been a bit difficult to find information about sea fishing in Norway in internet, we created this website. Pages are mainly in Finnish, but there are lots of photos (kuvat/videot in menu) and videos (kuvat/videot à videot) in menu that are worth seeing, so feel free to surf around!

Also, we have a small forum for people interested of sea fishing in Norway, and it has an English/foreign language section as well. Feel free to ask questions or just send regards!

Read about our trips to Norway:

Summer 2005 (Senja, Söröya, Talvik)
Autumn 2005 (Lyngen, Nord-Lenangen)
Summer 2006 (Röst)

Sea fishing with lure is free of fishing licence in Norway, and possible catches are very big. Also the chance to get fish is almost 100%. Added by spectacular views, this is absolutely one of the nicest things to do in Norway. (or in the world, if I am asked… (editors words))

There are lots of cabins for hire with very reasonable price, and most of cabin owners also rent proper boats with powerful engines. Fishing equipments are for hire too most often, if you don’t have your own gear. Also, you can buy most needed lures & other fishing equipments from almost all local stores or gas stations, if necessary.

Prices are about average European prices. Alcohol and cigarettes however are horribly expensive. Fuel is expensive, unless you come from Finland.

Most common way to fish is with a boat by pilking. Lures are quite big, weight is around 300 grams. Lines must stand weights like 30 kilos, as catches might be really big.

You can also fish from shore, we recommend long rods that make long casts possible. The roads follow the coast, so there are fishing places everywhere where it seems to be bit deeper. (steep cliffs etc…)

Common catches are cod, coalfish, steinbit (wolf-fish) and halibut. Also other species like ocean perch can be caught.

Travelling at coast is very easy as roads in Norway are in a very good condition.
Our fishing team uses as an accommodation cabin rental in Talvik village, 30 kilometers to Tromsö direction from city of Alta. Prices are very reasonable, the place is one of the nicest places we know, and Arne and Irene, owners of the place, are most happy to help you if you have questions about fishing or hiking at area’s mountains. They also rent boats, that is common in rental cabins in Norway.

Fishing from shore is nice too, but using a boat gives you much better chances to catch bigger fish.

Arne, owner of the place, speaks good english.

We strongly recommend this place, you will love it!

Telephone number to their place is
+47 784 3222 72
GSM phone +47 911 38 733

You can also contact Arne and Irene by e-mail, arne.holmen@c2i.net .

Enjoy your fishing trips! If you have had a nice fishing experience, feel free to e-mail us and attach some photos too.

We will publish those stories here at our site. Also, if you have information about certain locations, you can send ith to us as well.

Forum about fishing in Norway & everywhere in the world, both fresh & seawater: http://www.fishing-forum.info/