Röst 2.7.-9.7.2006

We came to Röst island at Lofoten from Finland, drive was pretty long (almost 800 kilometer) and fery took nearly 8 hours. But, here we are and place looks very different compared to normal view in Norway. There are lots of small islands, and only few higher mountains. Island lives mainly on fishing industry.
On our way we visited Saltstraumen, worlds strongest maelstrom. There was lots of fisherman with boats, most propably from Germany.

We also spotted a moose right by the side of the road!

We are staying at Kaiakanten Hotel, and holiday is arranged by Wildwater Fishing (http://www.wildwater.se). Rooms are nice, and tey are for one people only, so you dont need to listen your snoring friends.

At first day we went out with rented boat, and caught some cod and coalfish, but nothing special. Boats are very good, over 6 meter long and equipped with sonar and GPS map, engines are 75hp four stroke.

On our first day with our guide Kristian Keskitalo we went out to try some cod & coalfish hunting. Result can be seen from pictures! Biggest cod 22 kilo, biggest coalfishes over 17 kilo.

We had a professional man cleaning & filleting the fish, he did it with a very reasonable price. Saves plenty of time.

Nice view from Kaiakanten pier & renting boats. We went out today for halibut. All of us had good bites, but no landed fish yet. At afternoon we drove more out to see if big cods were hungry.

My friend Henri had the fight of his life. He was fighting 35 minutes, and the fish swimmed over one kilometer before the line broke. That was a huge one!!! (I guess you can se it from his face too)

Today, wednesday, we went to pick up some coalfish and cod. Weather was amazing, and so was fishing!! Result was over 300 kilo of coalfish, largest over 17 kilos.

There was lots of other boats at the spot where we were. This coalfish weighted around 14 kilo.

Today on thursday we went out to fish only cod. And well, again we had 300 kilos.

Our Danish friends were at same spots and lifted up some beautiful cods.

Largest cod weighted 19,8 kilo. This was an amazing day!

Halibut fishing on friday was absolutely great. At morning we had one small halibut, and after that nothing much happened. At late afternoon we changed the fishing place and started to get some good results. First halibut weighted 21 kilos…

Second weighted over 25 kilos…

And third was little bit under 30 kilos!!

Evening went nicely fileting the fishes. Wonderful meat ad very easy to prepare.

Saturday started nicely, first halibut was over 12 kilo. After that our guide had a nice big halibut of 24,4kg and third one was caught by a young Norwegian man who was fishing with us.

Sunday is our last day here, report of it wil come in couple of days. Thank you for a great holiday Kristian, see you soon again!